I had the most Amazing experience of Chakradance with Patty that transformed my belief of what Chakra Energy is all about for me.  It was a dance.  It was an energetic flow of motion. It was a new awareness all into one unique experience.  I loved it!  ❤

Suzanne S

It has been an absolute honour to be a hypnotherapy client of Patty's.  Her calming and trustworthy nature ensures a confidential welcoming environment; leading to an ease into a hypnotic state. Under Patty's skillful guidance, I have achieved many enlightening sessions which have translated into actual shifts in my day to day life.  Her hypnotherapy… Continue reading Elaine G

Elaine G

“It's been a blessing to incorporate the truths I revealed to myself during our session into my daily life. The newfound perspective of myself and my life's progress has been tremendously healing and beneficial to the amount of joy I can feel. A heightened awareness of the status of my chakras coupled with the vows… Continue reading EP


“Before I went to see Patty I was struggling. I felt like I was walking through sludge and just going through the motions of life. The change I felt after a Soul Alignment session was immediate! I felt lighter and more at peace. She is amazing!”  

Tera R

  "I was a beginner to Chakradance and really didn't know what to expect. I was a bit shocked at how emotional some of the chakras were for me. It felt like I was dancing in the privacy of my spirit. Many insights and messages appeared through the movement, Patty's gentle words and spirits guidance.… Continue reading Cari